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Pros & Cons In Technology

Pros Of Advancement In Technology

As mentioned above life has become easier with the help of modern technology. A lot of labour has been taken over by machines, leaving human beings free for other indulgences. What’s more with the advancement in communication technology the world has literally become a global village. People around the world are more aware of happenings in other parts of the world due to the technologies like television and internet marketing. The easy access of internet has changed the way we communicate with each other and now it is possible to place an instant call around the world and that too often free of cost. This has brought people closer to each other.

Cons of advancement in technology

In spite of the fact that machines have taken over most of the laborious work from humans, life has become increasingly hectic. Nowadays people have to travel long distances often through noisy and nerve wrecking traffic to go to work and back home. Computers have taken over most of the manual work, but people are still needed to man the computers. The reduction in physical labour and increased dependence on machines has made people used to sedentary life which is not good for the health. Due to lack of time and easy access to fast and junk food the eating habits of people have also gone for a toss leading to many ailments.

Hence, it can be said that while technology is definitely a boon to society, we should take care not to become over-dependent on machines and exercise our bodies and eat a healthy diet.