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Solar Power for Your Business – is it really worth it?

Since 2008, using solar panels to generate power to residential areas has been progressing and improving. Up until now, the use of solar panels is continually being integrated into various residential areas in the United States. As technological advancement increases, the price of solar PV Panels decreases if compared to the first introduction of the system.

But, consider this: as inflation in electricity rises, so does the electricity bill. It was even noted that New Jersey was ranked as 10th highest electricity price in 2015. This would mean more savings for solar panel users in the long run. For the record, solar systems are New Jersey’s largest source of renewable energy. But the real question here is, if it is effective and widely used in residential areas, why not do the same thing for businesses?

There are still businesses that are skeptical of introducing solar systems to their company. This may be due to varying reasons. But are those gut feelings true? Let’s see if installing residential solar panels are worth investing on for businesses.


Why go “green” with solar systems?

One might ask, of all kinds of renewable energy, why solar?

The rays of the sun are readily available in different parts of the world, a natural phenomenon in our everyday lives. But why not use the sunshine to gather up power if panels are available? Most especially with the rising electricity cost, it is important to efficiently use the renewable energy available.

As we all know, there may come a time that the available electricity in various power grids may become insufficient because of the booming population on the earth. Not to mention, the rising pollution that coincides with it is also alarming. There is no better time to start “thinking green” than today. And one way that can help is the reduction of power consumption and relying on renewable energy not just for residential, but for businesses as well.

Not yet convinced? Let’s imagine a scenario. For instance, a small company in Phoenix, Arizona, those that usually operates 24/7 with computers and air conditioning units, annually consumes 30,000kWh/year. The owner then decided to purchase a 7.0kW system for their power consumption.  This was installed on their roofs, fully facing the sun without shading.  The expected average monthly kWh power produced is 1,088, roughly 12,099 annually.  That means the company will only have to pay for the remaining power consumption, which is 17,901kWh/year.

However, before purchasing a solar system for business, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of using going solar in businesses. Being aware enables company owners to weigh out the facts.


Advantages of solar-powered businesses

  • PPA or Power Purchase Agreement benefits the businesses as they integrate solar panels without making an investment
  • A business or company can save up to 75 percent of their overall power cost by using solar panels as their source of power
  • Long term benefits of having enough source of power in the business
  • Some states have programs like tax credit incentives just because of going green
  • Improves image of the company as they support the green business approach
  • Return of investment in solar panels as they don’t need to be maintained physically
  • Helps the community by conserving energy


Disadvantages of solar-powered businesses

However, there are a few disadvantages of using solar that may be of great impact to some companies.

  • Solar systems are expensive and would take years until the ROI or return on investment is fully covered.
  • Planning on having a solar power grid is inefficient regarding space
  • Effectively sustaining the energy produced, even at night, would mean the additional purchase of efficient batteries.


Successful integration of solar systems to businesses

But even though this is the case, various well-known companies, manufacturers, real estate, businesses, and bands turned to “thinking green” as they utilize the chance to purchase solar panels at lower prices compared to the past. Other than that, some companies choose to go solar to meet their business goals. For the year 2012 the known companies are:

  • Campbell’s Soup
  • Macy’s
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Toys R us
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Bloomberg
  • Apple
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Walmart
  • L’oreal USA


And more companies are turning solar.  Going back to the question, is Solar Panels for businesses worth it? For us, it’s a YES! As you can see, more and more companies are turning green. This is not just being environmentally aware, but being smart.

The next thing to consider is what solar company can provide a quality and effective solar panel installations for businesses and corporate use.

NJ Solar Power, LLC – Solar company

NJSP, a reputable solar company in New Jersey, proves to offer quality service and products to the residential area or to businesses. With the use of our proper monitoring tools that ensures maximum operating capacity and disciplined in proprietary energy management, every project that we handle is a success. Having installed almost 400 solar panel systems to businesses, we take pride in having enough experience to provide the best and suitable solution to our clients. By assuring that only professionally knowledgeable tech will handle the solar panel projects, the customer experience and service is cut above the rest.

Reliable solar company for business

NJ Solar Power is located in New Jersey, United States. Interested businesses may contact us by dialing the numbers 877.765.2763 or 732.269.0308. We also answer questions and queries through email, just send a message at

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