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What Is The Role Of Technology In Modern Life?

Life the way it is today was unimaginable a few decades ago. Starting with the Industrial revolution technology has advanced at a breathtaking pace and has literally changed the face of the world. About a century ago people would not have been able to imagine aeroplanes, skyscrapers, computers or even the omnipresent mobile phones. The advancement in technology has also shown miracles in the field of medical science because many ailments that were considered to be incurable earlier now have a cure some of these ailments include Tuberculosis and some stages of cancer. On the other hand ailments like smallpox and the plague have all but been eradicated with the help of modern vaccines.

The effect of technology on daily life

In the olden days, every household chore from lighting a stove to fetching water required a lot of laborious effort. At the same time, fields like farming, carpentry, iron smiths etc. had to rely mostly on manual tools to create their wares. Nowadays, machines have replaced human effort in almost all areas. In the modern household, you will find appliances like microwave ovens, gas stoves, electrical cookers, washing machines, dishwashers and many others which have completely taken the physical labour out of these household chores.

On the other hand, farmers have tractors, machines to plough their fields, harvesting machines, threshers and much more. Iron smiths no longer have to deal in a precarious manner with molten iron because this work is done by machines which save many a life and limb. At the same time, carpenters also have many automated tools to create their wares. As a result, the quality of the items being produced has become better and requires lesser effort.

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